Who We Are

We are an independent organisation, which gives us the advantage of being able to unite the disciplines of physiotherapy, educational therapy, occupational therapy and speech and language therapy.  This enables Brainwave to take a fully integrated approach towards the development of your child.

Who We Help

Brainwave works with children between birth and 12 years of age, however, once a child follows a Brainwave Programme they only leave when the family feels the time is right.  Brainwave provides therapy for children with a wide range of conditions and developmental needs, including: cerebral palsy, autism chromosome disorders such as Down's syndrome and genetic disorders.

How We Help

The Brainwave Programme aims to develop the maximum potential of each child by taking an integrated approach to their physical and cognitive development and by aiming to enhance a child's social skills and emotional well-being.  We provide two full days, with two therapists, for an initial assessment, followed by one day reassessments every four to six months.

A key success of Brainwave has been our ability to recognise the impact having a child with additional needs has on their family and empowering them to deliver therapy to their child at home, as we believe the family home is where children respond best, with the people whose love and care is unparalleled.  Our therapists teach parents/carers how to carry out each exercise, in what order, for how long and why.

Families are provided with a written and visual record of each exercise to take home - the paper copy and DVD is refreshed at each four to six month reassessment.  Each programme is designed to be carried out over a 30 minute period and no family is asked to spend more than 10 hours carrying out therapy in any one week.  Continuous support and regular assessments with the qualified and skilled therapists means that the individual home based therapy programme is adjusted as the child grows and progresses.

Brainwave provide the family, at no charge, with all the equipment required to carry out the programme at home, such as rolls, wedges and vestibular boards.

Ongoing Support

Our therapy team is constantly available to families via phone calls and email, and our team of Family Facilitators provide ongoing local support to families.  The Family Facilitators provide a listening ear, assist in sourcing volunteer help and continually research up-to-date local and national information for the families.

Where We Are

We have three centres in Somerset, Essex and Cheshire and run two Satellite Clinics in Scotland and London, to ensure that families from all over the UK can receive our services.

To find out more about how we can help your child, please click here to contact us.