It’s Trustees' Week 2019! #TrusteesWeek

We’d thought we’d celebrate Trustees' Week by asking our new Trustee, Andrew Hannam about why he wanted to be a Brainwave Trustee and any advice he has for people thinking about becoming a Trustee.

Andrew Hannam, Brainwave Trustee

Q1. How did you get involved with Brainwave?

I have worked with Brainwave for 20+ years. Until April, I was a partner at Enable Law mainly working with victims of medical accidents and in particular brain-damaged children. I have successfully litigated claims for children working with Brainwave and have got to know and respect the support they offer to such children and their families.

Q.2 Why did you choose to become a Trustee?

I retired as a partner from Enable Law in April this year. Brainwave’s former Chief Executive, Phil Edge, knew I was retiring and would have more time available and asked me to join the Board of Trustees which I was delighted to do.

Q.3 What are you hoping to achieve as a Trustee?

With years of experience in law and running a legal business, I hope that I can use my business acumen to assist Brainwave to continue to deliver its services in an effective and affordable way.

Q.4 What advice would you give to someone looking to become a Trustee?

Anyone looking to become a Trustee should ensure that they have time to devote to the charity and to ensure they are working with a charity that they know well and are totally committed to their aims.

To find out more about becoming a Trustee, please visit: