South West Centre 

Marsh Lane

Huntworth Gate




Tel: 01278 429089

Email: [email protected]

Brainwave has 3 permanent centres, one in the South West (Bridgwater, Somerset), one in the South East (Witham, Essex) and one in the North West (Warrington, Cheshire).  

We also have Satellite Clinics in Scotland and London.


4 Fully Equipped Rooms

There are four therapy rooms at the South West Centre which are all fully equipped to support the assessment of your child.  Equipment available in each room includes physio balls, wedges and rolls as well as many educational resources and toys. 

Sensory Room

During your visit to the centre you and your child will get the opportunity to visit the sensory room which is a safe place for your child to relax in and enjoy the lights and other sensory input. The sensory room can be used as a calming space to help a child regulate themselves as well as providing opportunities for engagement through interaction with the equipment.

Each of our centres have a Sensory Room but the equipment varies slightly per centre.


The therapists at Brainwave South West work with children in the hydrotherapy pool.  We can develop a programme of exercises to help children to relax in the water, improve their confidence, float with aids and where appropriate work towards independent swimming.

Families are offered the opportunity of having a hydrotherapy session at both their initial assessments and reassessments. Parents are welcome to come into the pool to partake in the session or they can observe from the side.

Family Room

This relaxing and comfortable room allows families to take their breaks and enjoy drinks and refreshments from the fully-equipped kitchen.  Baby-changing and toilet facilities are provided for families.  This room provides the ideal opportunity for families to meet other Brainwave families, share experiences and knowledge over a friendly cup of tea!

5 Self-Catering Bungalows

Overnight self-catering accommodation is available at our South West Centre where we have five fully-equipped, two-bedroomed bungalows in modern decor, which are maintained to a very high standard by our Housekeeper.

Free Car Parking is Available