Brainwave receive Simplyhealth donation

We are delighted to announce that we have recently received a second, very generous, donation from Simplyhealth, the leading provider of health cash plans, dental payment and pet health plans.

Following their wonderful support in 2015 Simplyhealth has agreed, once again, to support the Charity with a donation of £53,000. This donation supported us in a number of different ways including sponsoring one of the physiotherapists, who delivers therapy for the children, and by sponsoring ten families to follow the programme of assessments and therapy that the Charity offers at its South West Centre.  Brainwave has been operating for over 30 years but these two donations from Simplyhealth represent some of the largest donations the Charity has ever received.

Phil Edge, Brainwave Chief Executive, said:

We are delighted that Simplyhealth has agreed to make another fantastic donation to the Charity.  This will help us to enable children to reach their full potential and achieve their developmental milestones through the provision of our therapy programme.  The benefits of the programme include improvements in gross physical skills such as sitting, standing and walking, improvements in communication through speech as well as helping children with their cognitive development.  It is due to support from Simplyhealth that we are able to help so many more children and we are extremely grateful.


Roger Cotton, Head of Corporate Giving at Simplyhealth said:

Brainwave is undertaking such great work, and we were keen to continue to support such a deserving cause. Our purpose at Simplyhealth is to help people make the most of life, and we aim to support charities and organisations that are dedicated to helping people with everyday health conditions. We are committed to charitable giving; every year we donate 10% of our profits to worthy causes across the country.