Richard Adams explains why he and his wife, Viv, wanted to leave a Gift in their Wills for Brainwave.

I became involved with Brainwave some 30 years ago through a very good friend, and I began to volunteer my time to help out.

Each time I met parents of a child with disabilities on the Brainwave Programme, the stories were varied but the sentiments remained constant: their heartfelt enthusiasm at how Brainwave had improved their children’s lives – and in turn their own lives.

Many saw Brainwave as a kind of saviour when regular health services were unable to help their child. Time and time again, parents would become emotional in thanking the Therapists for helping to ‘unlock’ their child’s potential or simply allowing them to understand better their child’s needs.

Hearing these profound endorsements directly from families confirmed that my time volunteering here was a great use of my spare time. And three decades later, I still don’t hesitate to help out whenever needed.

In this time, I have seen Brainwave grow as an organisation and develop its services to become even more specialised, allowing the Therapists to work intricately alongside families to provide the best services for the children.
It is important for my wife Viv and I to know that we can continue to support Brainwave long after we have gone, and that is why we each decided to leave a gift in our Wills.

We feel it is the least we can do to help the children.

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