Donations from Trusts and Foundations

We are very grateful to all Trusts and Foundations who collectively make a huge contribution to the annual income of Brainwave.

Trust and Foundations enjoy a positive and active relationship with Brainwave through;

  1. Information and news through the receipt of twice yearly newsletters
  2. Personal invitations to visit any of the centres to meet the team and families
  3. Timely and detailed reports about the impact their donation has made
  •  Bloss Family Foundation
  •  Broome Family Charitable Trust
  •  CHK Charities Limited
  •  CMS Cameron McKenna Foundation
  •  D J H Currie Memorial Trust
  •  Dandia Charitable Trust
  •  Daniel’s and Houghton’s Charity
  •  Doris Field Charitable Trust
  •  Fryerning Foundation
  •  Gracious Heart Foundation
  •  International Lions Club of Chelmsford
  •  Leicestershire and Rutland Masonic Charity Association
  •  Pinsent Mason Foundation
  •  Red Arrows Trust
  •  Simpson Family Charity Trust
  •  Sir John Eastwood Foundation
  •  Springfields Employees Medical Research and Charity Trust Fund
  •  St Audrey Lodge 2727
  •  The Albert Hunt Trust
  •  The Alice Ellen Cooper Dean Charitable Foundation
  •  The Anton Jurgens Charitable Trust
  •  The Betty Riseley Trust
  •  The Boshier-Hinton Foundation
  •  The Brendon Hills Charity
  •  The David Gibbons Foundation
  •  The David Solomons Charitable Trust
  •  The Drandjeaw Charitable Trust
  •  The Ernest Kleinwort Charitable Trust
  •  The Evan Cornish Foundation
  •  The Frederick and Phyllis Cann Charitable Trust
  •  The Fulmer Charitable Trust
  •  The Generations Foundation
  •  The Gentlemen’s Night Out Charitable Trust
  •  The George A Moore Foundation
  •  The Helianthus Charitable Trust
  •  The Hospital Saturday Fund Charitable Trust
  •  The Hugo Halkes Charitable Trust
  •  The Mason Le Page Charitable Trust
  •  The Miss Jo Torrington Children’s Fund
  •  The Richard Davies Charitable Trust
  •  The Sir James Roll Charitable Trust
  •  The Sir Jules Thorn Charitable Trust
  •  The Sonardyne Foundation
  •  The Street Foundation
  •  The Valentine Charitable Trust
  •  The W A Cargill Charitable Trust
  •  The Zochonis Charitable Trust
  •  UK Healthcare