We help Martha who has Developmental Delay

This is Martha and she has been following a Brainwave programme since June 2010; Martha is a lovely, happy little girl with an infectious smile and personality.  She is now 7 years old and has a diagnosis of Developmental Delay.

When we first met her she was just over 3 years old and she had been walking independently for just 3 months.  Consequently, she was still developing her balance and was not able to stand up on her own from the floor.  Martha presented with some sensory differences as she disliked noises such as hairdryers and people shouting.  She was interested in her surroundings and trying hard to communicate using Makaton signs.

Her first reassessment was in November 2010 and, by this point, she was generally stronger with improved balance.  Her understanding had increased and she was better at following instructions; she had made some progress with her hand function and had learnt to build a tower out of blocks.

By the time she was 4, she was beginning to negotiate steps and she was able to walk outside with confidence. Significantly, she had learnt to stand up from the floor independently through a bear stand and was working hard on pushing up through half high kneeling.  She was able to identify different colours and shapes and beginning to recognise letters and numbers. At the visit after that, Martha was able to put 3 signs together with a little prompting and was able to make her needs known; she was motivated to do more for herself and had started to get out of bed without assistance.

By 2014, Martha had mastered jumping with 2 feet off the ground and was beginning to stand on one foot.  She is now completely toilet trained and is becoming more helpful with dressing.  Martha is extremely motivated to communicate and uses the Proloquo2Go programme as well as her signing.  She is extremely interactive with the world around her and has developed some special friendships at school. Academically, she is making some nice progress in numeracy and literacy and in terms of her sensory development she is a lot calmer than she used to be.

Our current goals are to increase Martha’s independence, to improve her body awareness, to encourage a narrower walking gait, continue to enhance her cognitive skills and to further develop her balance and co-ordination.

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