Give a Lasting Gift of Independence to a Child

Thinking about leaving a gift to Brainwave?  By leaving a gift in your will, you can leave a different future to a child with disabilities or developmental delay.

1. What is the benefit of leaving a gift to a charity?

A. Gifts to charities through a will are exempt from inheritance tax so it may help reduce the amount of tax payable if your estate is over the exempt threshold. Up to date information on tax rates and thresholds can be found here.

2. Why leave a gift in your will to Brainwave?

A. Brainwave delivers significant tangible results; 85% of children leave the programme more independent and facing a brighter future. Your gift will help Brainwave help these citizens of tomorrow play a bigger role in society.

Leaving a gift in a will is a painless way of donating and Brainwave is grateful for any gift that you can give us to help us deliver our programmes. Having considered your commitments to family and friends, a charitable will is an inspiring way to leave a lasting legacy.

3. How do I leave a gift?

A. There are a number of options when it comes to leaving a gift but we recommend that you consult a professional if at all possible. This may be a bank, solicitor or will writer. If you do not know of one, you may consider finding one through:

The first option is to write the gift into a new will. You should start by making a list of your assets ie everything you own and then a list of your liabilities ie anything you owe. The latter might be any outstanding loans such as a mortgage. Then after deciding what you wish to give to families and friends, you might consider:

  • Leaving to Brainwave what remains (or a share of what remains) of your money and assets after all bills and gifts to family and friends have been settled. This is known as a residuary legacy.
  • Leaving a fixed sum of money to Brainwave.
  • Leaving an item or items such as jewellery, a stamp collection or even the contents of your house, particularly if you live in Somerset or Devon as we can use such items in our shops in the South West.

4. I have a will and do not wish to rewrite it.  Can I still leave a gift?

A. You cannot change or add anything to your current will by crossing anything out or adding to it. Such changes are not legally binding. However, you can leave a gift using a ‘Codicil’. This is a legal document adding to, or changing, an existing will. Some points to note with a Codicil:

  • It needs to be signed and witnessed like your current will.
  • It should be kept with the will but not attached to it.

5. I don’t have much to leave.  Is it worth it?

A. Absolutely, even a few pounds can help us continue our work to enable children reach their full potentials. Little gifts are much valued as lots of little gifts from lots of people makes a big difference.

6. Can I find out more before I make a decision?

A. You can find some of the projects we spend our money by contacting us on [email protected] or 01278 429089.

Wording in your will

If you are kind enough to help us by leaving a gift, please use the following words:

I give to the Brainwave Centre [registered Charity 1073238 (England & Wales) & SCO39137 (Scotland)] of Marsh Lane, Huntworth Gate, Bridgwater, Somerset TA6 6LQ)

And then either A or B:

A. _____% of estate, after payment of my debts, pecuniary legacies, funeral and administrative expenses and any taxes, to be used by Brainwave at their discretion and I direct that the Chief Executive shall be a good discharge for my executors.

B. the sum of £_______________ free of all inheritance tax to be used by Brainwave at their discretion and I direct that the Chief Executive shall be a good discharge for my executors.

7. Can I arrange donations in memory of someone?

A. Brainwave values ‘In Memoriam’ donations. It is a positive way of remembering a close friend or loved one. There are a number of ways you may do this:

If you would like to speak to someone about leaving a gift in your will, ‘In Memoriam’ donations and tributes, please contact us.