Alexandra Kinmonth As most of you know, Violet has a muscle condition which means she has had to work that bit harder in order to learn how to walk, and to do all the other things we take for granted. She is doing fantastically well and one of the reasons for this is thanks to Brainwave, the charity that has been helping us. We visit the Brainwave team every 6 months for an assessment on her progress, and they create a tailored physio and speech therapy programme for us to work on with Violet - spending the one-to-one time with her that simply isn't available on the stretched NHS. We are really proud of how much she's already achieved, with Brainwave's help, and what an incredibly determined and happy little girl she is.

On Sunday 3rd September, Violet, along with her cousin Arthur and sister Rose will be 'running' 1K (with us accompanying them of course!) at the Parallel London event to raise money for Brainwave. Parallel London is a fully accessible fun run and free family festival at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. We would really appreciate any amount you can contribute and perhaps an added incentive to donate is the fact that Granny Sarah and Nonno Giorgio will be 'running' it too!

You can find out more about what Brainwave do by visiting their website:

Thanks for all your support and if you fancy coming along to the event, we'd love to see you there as it should be a fun day out! Alexandra Kinmonth