David Burgess

20 volunteers from within Magna, will be attempting to complete the National Three Peak Challenge on June 23rd / June 24th of this year.

The challenge is to complete within a 24 hour window.

We are raising money for three children Jacob, Jamie and Bella throughout 2018 to enable them to get the support and therapies they require.

Our team consists of:

  • Alison Cash
  • Andrew Johnson
  • Arthur Dolowski
  • Cheryl Birmingham
  • Darrol Plows
  • Dave Wood
  • David Burgess
  • Ed Full
  • Eddie Woods
  • Eddie Ellis
  • Ian Gaskin
  • Jason Povah
  • Matthew Leather
  • Neil Whitehead
  • Patrick Piggott
  • Peter Quirk
  • Phil Orton
  • Ryan Clark
  • Thomas Lindemann
  • Tom Honeybourne

Thanks from all of the team for any donation you have made, every penny counts and we appreciate your support.

David Burgess