Kimberley Avery When I first heard about Brainwave’s Strictly Summer event at The Mere, I jumped at the chance to be involved! For the event, there will be 10 business executives (including myself) teaming up with professional dancers from Cadman’s Dance Centre as part of a charity fundraiser for the wonderful Children’s charity, Brainwave. The next few weeks will see me embark on an exciting challenge –to learn and perform the Samba with my dance partner, Alex White, in just under four months. I’m already aware that there’s going to be lots of training and hours spent getting the dance right, but I’m focused, ready and excited to raise as much money as possible. I’m honoured to be included as one of the dancers for Brainwave; it’s an incredible charity that provides exceptional support for local families helping children with disabilities. Being the events and conference supervisor, at The Mere, we’ve been fortunate to work alongside Brainwave for many years – it’s now time to encourage people to get involved, support the charity and make as much money as possible! Kimberley Avery