Fleur Stockford

I’m taking part in the Royal Parks Half Marathon on Sunday 14th October to raise money for Brainwave as they continue to support my cousin Louis.

Brainwave is a charity that helps children with disabilities and additional needs to achieve greater independence by aiming to improve mobility, communication skills and learning potential through a range of educational and physical therapies. The charity supports a range of conditions including: autism, brain injuries such as cerebral palsy and genetic disorders such as Down’s syndrome.

Louis story

Louis was born 5 weeks prematurely weighting a tiny 4 lb 1 oz. He had a very difficult birth, which resulted in him being diagnosed with cerebral palsy. He failed to thrive and put on weight and never met any of his milestones.

After a traumatic first year of his life Louis' parents were told he had a very rare chromosome deletion. A syndrome without a name and he was the only person known to have it. Louis is now 8, he cannot walk or talk, but he is the happiest, funniest boy you could ever meet. Louis is being helped by The Brainwave charity and after some intensive therapy he can now "bum scooch" and can now pull himself up on furniture and cruise around, however this therapy is costly, which is why all donations however big or small are hugely appreciated to help raise money for a great cause and gorgeous little guy x

Fleur Stockford