Jay Palmby

Harry’s story


My Son Harry was born with a rare condition called cerebellar hypolasia. It is a neurological condition in which the cerbellum is not completely developed or is smaller than it should be; in Harry’s case it is smaller than it should be which means he finds everyday tasks a struggle. Unfortunately, the condition affects Harry’s eye sight, speech and all his muscles. Harry needs adult supervision with everything he does as he isn’t able to manoeuvre from one place to another eat or get dressed or do anything without adult support. Harry has been attending Brainwave, who have been fantastic they have given us a number of fun physio techniques to help Harry be able to walk independently. Since attending, we have seen a huge difference in Harry’s strength and his able to move more independently. Despite Harry’s difficulties he is a happy cheeky boy who has a wonderful sense of humour; he tries really hard, putting a lot of effort and he is really determined.


Harry is very social and he warms the heart of everyone he meets, he is very endearing. Harry loves singing and dancing especially to the film ‘Sing’. Harry wants to be able to join in with his friends and be able to be more independent, please donate to this cause to help continue to support Harry’s development and goals to be able to walk independently and help other children with disabilities and additional needs to achieve greater independence.


I'm doing the Rat Race at Burley House, Stamford on the 12 May 2018 which is a 20 mile course with 20 obstacles for me to tackle along the way!  You can see the kind of thing I will be having to tackle here http://ratrace.com/dirtyweekend2018/obstacles/

Thank you

Jay Palmby