Rachel Rigby As a project for Ollys birthday coming up soon, we have decided to set up this page to fundraise money for a charity close to his heart as a birthday present. We thought it would be a nice idea to fundraise as we decided that Olly would prefer this idea opposed to the idea of buying him an actual present. If you would like to donate, any donation would be very much appreciated, we can ensure that we have nothing to do with the donation process and that your money is securely transferred straight through to the charity via this fundraising page. If you're thinking of donating but have any queries or questions about this project, do not hesitate to message or tweet one of us via Twitter, our Twitter handles will be included down below.

Organisers of this project are -

Rachel (idkmurs_)
Emily (@foreverourolly)
Erin (erinsnowden_)

Rachel Rigby