Andrew Dewar

On the 24th of September I plan to compete in my second marathon, Berlin. This time round I have decided to run for a charity and hopefully raise some funds along the way for a good cause. My charity of choice is Brainwave.


Brainwave supports children with physical and/or cognitive disabilities, whether caused by brain injury like cerebral palsy; a genetic disorder like Down’s syndrome, autism, or general developmental delay, by the provision and promotion of therapy. Brainwave works with families to deliver home based therapy and exercise programmes tailored to each child to help them to achieve their fullest potential.


What I really like about Brainwave is their targeted approach of assisting individual children, and their families, by empowering them with the skills required to lead a more independent life. I am honoured to be able help this worthy cause even if it is only a small contribution.


I am taking inspiration from Brainwave and applying a targeted approach to my fundraising campaign. As well as asking family and friends to donate, I will be offering running training plans and coaching for people who want to achieve a running goal. For payment of this service, I only ask that you donate towards this fundraising campaign.


So if you want to have some support in achieving your running goals while contributing towards a worthy cause please get in touch with me at [email protected] or alternatively you can donate now by clicking the yellow button above.

Andrew Dewar