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By answering the questions below it will help us to match you to the best volunteer role for you. It will also help us to assess what provision of support and training is needed.

Brainwave is required by law to ensure all paid employees and volunteers working for the Charity have a right to work in the UK. We will therefore need to see the original, and retain a copy, of valid ID documents to demonstrate your right to work. For UK and EU nationals, an in-date UK or EU passport will usually be the easiest form of ID, otherwise we will need to see a birth certificate.

If you are not a UK or EU national, you will need to let us see, and retain a copy, of your visa documents. Under Home Office Visas and Immigration department rules, volunteering counts as ’work’ for the purpose of your visa compliance, so unless your visa specifically grants you permission to work, unfortunately we cannot accept you as a volunteer. We would not want to offer you a volunteering opportunity which might cause you difficulties later with UK Visa and Immigration.

If your visa does allow you to work, we need to make you aware that any volunteering you do for Brainwave counts towards the hours your visa allows you to work.

Your data - Privacy Notice

At Brainwave, we’re committed to protecting your personal data. To help us provide the best possible service, your application and future communications with us, including personal information, will be stored on our secure database. We will never share, swap or sell your data and we will only keep your data for as long as necessary.

For further details, please read our Privacy Policy on our website: