Brainwave used to support families who asked for financial assistance by fundraising for specific children (or specific geographical areas) and setting money aside for these individual children towards future assessments. It was also possible for a family to raise funds for Brainwave and for a percentage to be set aside specifically for the use of their child. This scheme was called Child Sponsorship.

We also ran a Guardianship Scheme, where individuals would support specific children, by providing funding to pay for two reassessments over the course of a year.

As Brainwave and the number of families we engage with grew in size, both of these schemes ceased to be fit for purpose and stopped us from being able to offer financial support to as many families as possible. As such, in 2019 we stopped allocating funds to specific children in this way and instead we introduced the Priority Fund, a means-tested bursary open to all families.

Families who had previously benefited from Child Sponsorship or old-style Guardianship funds will continue to be supported using the restricted funds that we have accrued over the years, for as longs as these restricted funds are available.