Family Facilitators

There are three Family Facilitators working for Brainwave.  Each Family Facilitator is assigned a specific geographical area, based on counties, in order to support Brainwave families.

Each Family Facilitator supports approximately 200 families in their region.

The Role of the Family Facilitator

Prior to your initial assessment, one of our Family Facilitators will contact you to chat about what happens during your two day asessment, the practicalities, the commitment involved and they will, of course, be able to answer many of the questions that you probably already have!

They will contact you again around six weeks after you have completed the initial assessment to check that all is well and to answer any new questions that may arise.

The Family Facilitators are here if and when families need them and they will contact families on a regular basis for an informal chat, or you are very welcome to contact them at any time with queries you may have.  However, if you feel that this is too intrusive please let them know; they will not be offended.

The Family Facilitator will also, if you wish, put you in contact with other families and help to signpost you to sources of help from other organisations.  They also run occasional events, such as coffee mornings, to get families together.  The Family Facilitators also produce an annual 'Search' newsletter with lots of useful information.