Eliza continues to attend our satellite clinic in Scotland, held at the Subud Centre in Perth for her reassessments.  Her last visit was March 2015, where she attended with her parents and her program of exercises were updated.  Eliza continues to make progress, she is more aware of people around her and will move more towards them and make more eye contact.  Eliza was more relaxed at this assessment than we had previously seen.  Eliza continues to have short and shallow breathing which is linked to her diagnosis. She has had an ECG which was normal. Her breathing pattern increases when she is anxious.  Eliza attends nursery 3 days a week and her parents plan to ask nursery to complete exercises with Eliza during the time she is there.

Eliza’s physical abilities have progressed since her previous assessment.  Her posture in high kneeling has improved.  She moves by high kneel walking and she will sit back on her heels.  Eliza is now able to tolerate long sitting with support demonstrating she has adequate length of her hamstrings to achieve this position.  Eliza’s spine is straight; she has good back posture when she is high kneel walking and her balance has improved sitting on the peanut ball which she maintained for short periods of time independently showing improved core stability.

Eliza will now hold toys for a short time before casting them to the sides.  She is using her hands more to hold than she was previously and she demonstrated some nice reaching up to put her hands onto the vibrating massage tube during the assessment.  Her parents also informed us that Eliza is now happier to hold onto a spoon and a beaker during meal times.  Eliza is also able to finger feed.  Eliza is happy to touch different textures with her hands.  She needs hand over hand support for posting toys.  She is able to bash her hands onto switch toys.

Aims of Brainwave Programme

We have made changes to Eliza’s Brainwave programme, we have also highlighted exercises that will be appropriate for nursery staff to complete with Eliza as part of this updated programme. Eliza’s physiotherapy and occupational therapy goals are outlined below.

  • To help maintain range of movement in Eliza’s lower limb muscles
  • To maintain range of movement in Eliza’s spine
  • To strengthen Eliza’s trunk muscles
  • To strengthen Eliza’s lower limbs and improve her tolerance of standing

We look forward to seeing Eliza and her family again for a further reassessment in April 2016.