Two months ago the Financial Control Team received their biggest challenge to date, a dare from the boss to complete a 10km run for Brainwave!  With only one of the team a keen runner, the challenge was on!  And they only had 10 weeks till the big day!

Some remained in denial for a number of weeks, while others quickly got into a training schedule, with one sole member a regular runner, continuing with his usual jogs.  Then tragedy struck, three weeks before the event, two of the team fell foul to injury!  One with calf issues and the other with knee problems!

The hunt was on to find replacements.  Low and behold one of the team had just competed in the Paris Half Marathon and another, a keen runner also stepped up to the plate.  Our team was saved!

Come race day the team arrived geared up for what would be a proud but no doubt sore afternoon.  All team members successfully navigated the 10km course with pride, two coming in under the 50 minute mark, five under the 1 hour mark, two just over two hours and three under 1 hour 30.  With personal bests achieved, smiles on their faces and the thoughts of Brainwave children and families in their minds, they went home to soak their weary bodies.


Thank you to all those that supported the Financial Control Flyers, without you they would not have been able to achieve a wonderful sponsorship total of over £2000.