We help Charlotte who has Cerebral Palsy

Charlotte was 13 months old when she first visited the North West centre in January 2013 with her parents Julie and Cameron.

Charlotte and her twin brother Daniel were born at 32 weeks gestation and although Charlotte didn’t show signs of having any initial problems at birth she required ventilation and CPAP for 16 days after day 2.  After being discharged from hospital after 5 weeks, Charlotte required numerous readmissions due to problems with gastroesophageal reflux and was constantly distressed.  Numerous scans showed early periventricular leucomalacia with high risk of cerebral palsy.  Charlotte also required an NG tube fitted when she was 5 months old to help with her severe reflux.

At her initial assessment Charlotte was able to attempt to roll into prone with a little help releasing her arms, she required support in sitting but was showing some trunk control.  After the 2 day initial assessment she was able to show some increased ability to save herself to one side.  Charlotte enjoyed exploring different textures but when grasping toys she struggled to maintain her grip.

Charlotte has now been on programme for just over 2 and half years and has made lots of improvements during this time.  She has recently been back for her sixth re assessment, her parents were delighted to tell us that her feeding tube has now been removed and charlotte is doing really well.  Charlotte was also able to demonstrate some new skills including knowing 2 or 3 primary colours and recognising letters and numbers.  She is now able to sit independently for long periods of time in either the ring or crossed leg sitting position with active saving reactions to her left side, showing she has improved core stability and sitting balance.

Charlotte is very sociably interactive with people she knows her own mind and is a lovely little girl with a beautiful smile, Charlotte continues to increase her level of spoken words and at her recent reassessment she was able to demonstrate how she can chatter in longer sentences.  Charlotte predominantly uses her left hand and will choose to use a palmer grasp but with facilitation she can use an adopted tripod grasp to hold a pen, she can also use her index finger to swipe at the iPad.

It was lovely to see Charlotte and her family again at this reassessment enabling her to show her new skills.  She now has a new programme of exercises to help her to increase her quality of walking and disassociation of her legs and new positions to help to reduce her spasticity and increase quality of movement.

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