We help Charlie who has Cerebral Palsy

Charlie was nearly three when he first came to Brainwave. He was born prematurely and had a difficult start to life. An early ultrasound scan highlighted he could have cerebral palsy and he was referred to physiotherapy. Charlie has developed a pattern of cerebral palsy where his legs are more affected than his arms. His body is wobbly and his legs can be very tight.

Before he came to Brainwave Charlie was commando crawling, he could crawl on his hands and knees and was pulling to stand. Charlie however did not have a stable position to play and was not at yet able to move around on his feet. At his initial assessment in November 2012 Charlie showed very good skills around his comprehension and communication but struggled with those things requiring movement and stability. Charlie and his family went home from his two day initial assessment with a programme of exercises to target his balance, muscle flexibility and functional activities to help him become more independent with dressing.

When Charlie attended the North West Centre for his first reassessment in May 2013, he had made some very pleasing developments. Charlie came back being able to sit independently on the wedge. Charlie could high kneel independently enabling him to play with his toys on pieces of furniture, he could also control the crossing of his legs when supported walking; a vast improvement. He had also developed a range of skills associated with his control and use of movements such as being toilet trained throughout the day and taking part with dressing activities. Charlie continues to be a very social and happy young gentleman who has good communication and cognition skills.

The therapists at the North West Centre found Charlie a delight to work with and have continued to progress his exercises for home. The programme helps his parents to keep his muscles long to enable him to move. It includes core exercises to strengthen muscles and improve his balance to develop his skills while he is standing on his feet.

Finding Brainwave for Charlie has been such a positive experience. Up until then, as a parent I didn’t feel like I was doing the best I could possibly do for him.

Then through research I found Brainwave! Right from the first assessment days, I began to understand why we needed to do certain exercises and how this would help Charlie with his progress. The Brainwave experts shared their expertise and knowledge in a clear way, explaining jargon as they went, allowing us to be fully involved in his therapy.

When we were given Charlie’s programme we were really excited about starting it. It was something we could do regularly with confidence, as we had the DVD to refer to. It provided a way of making the exercises fun for Charlie so he didn’t really know he was exercising. We call them his ‘games’
Charlie has made great progress he is now sitting up in a much more efficient way and his back muscles are starting to strengthen. He has also improved in taking supported steps with much less scissoring.
We are very grateful to Brainwave for allowing us to take ownership of Charlie’s therapy and help us to provide him with the support he needs.

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