Brainwave Challenge Events

For a list of upcoming Challenge Events please click here.  Please view our Fundraising News for past supporters and the events they have participated in.

Bespoke Challenges

If you are a Brainwave supporter, or you’re looking to support us by holding a bespoke challenge for 10+ people, please feel free to contact us or Action Challenge, who will be more than happy to help you with the planning and organisation.

For more information please visit

Fundraising & Sponsorship

Brainwave can provide you with:

  • T-Shirts
  • Sponsorship Forms
  • Step by Step Guide to setting up a Fundraising Page
  • Leaflets
  • Access to a closed Facebook Group - 'Brainwave's Run Club' for tips and support if you are interested in running for Brainwave - click on the link to request access.

Brainwave are proud to offer the opportunity for you to have your own Fundraising Page on our website.  Click here to set up your Fundraising Page.

Please make sure that you let us know when your challenge event is and also if you have any links to our Brainwave families as we can arrange for a percentage of the funds you raise to go towards their direct costs. 
For more information or support please contact or call us on 01278 429089.