Do you want to be empowered to help your child to achieve milestones?


We can provide your child with a specialist assessment from our experienced and fully physiotherapists, occupational, speech & language and educational therapists.

You will spend two full days with two of our passionate therapists so that an in-depth assessment can be conducted. At the end of the two-day assessment an individual Therapy Programme is provided to you, along with a DVD of our therapists carrying out the programme, with your child, for your reference. 

This empowers YOU to maximise YOUR child's potential.

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Brainwave Children's Charity offers:

  • Initial assessments for children from birth to 12 years old.
  • At every assessment you and your child are paired with two fully qualified therapists. The combination of therapists are personalised to your child's needs.
  • A bespoke Therapy Programme is designed and then taught to you to follow every day, at home or at school, with your child.
  • A DVD of your individual Therapy Programme is recorded and given to you to take home.
  • You are also provided with the equipment you need to conduct the exercises, to take home, for free.
  • Reassessments are booked every 4-6 months to assess your child's progress, celebrate achievements and update the programme accordingly.
  • Family Facilitators to help and support you between assessments.


Natalie is 28 and has cerebral palsy; she started attending Brainwave at the age of 2. Read her story, written by her parent's, here:

When Natalie was 9 months old we were told she had cerebral palsy, would never walk, talk, sit up or achieve academically. We were distraught.

We looked for options to mainstream therapy and found Brainwave. Visiting Brainwave for the first time was a breath of fresh air and we felt as if a weight had been lifted from our shoulders.

The therapists saw Natalie as a whole child. When we were asked questions about her, the information we gave was not discarded as it had been by professionals previously. The Brainwave Programme was the first time anything made sense to us. It had been devised just for Natalie’s needs.

Brainwave gave us time and support. Everything was explained fully, demonstrated and practiced by us. After just one month we began to see terrific progress! Each time we returned for a reassessment (about every 4-6 months) she had progressed even more.

Natalie is now 28 and has graduated from Salford University with a Master’s Degree in Children's Digital Production and regularly takes part in various sporting activities. She is presently working as a Researcher for the BBC.

A positive attitude has helped Natalie achieve more than anyone could have predicted. She can be seen in the picture with her certificate after passing her driving test. Her Brainwave Programme has meant that the impact of cerebral palsy on her physically has been greatly reduced.

It’s difficult to put into words what is unique about Brainwave. It has to be experienced to be believed and is just very, very special.


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