We help Cadence who has Developmental Delay

Cadence attended Brainwave South East Centre with her parents, for the first time when she was 1 year and 10 months. She has global developmental delay and has problems in areas such as gross motor, fine motor and communication skills. She has difficulty in mobility and activities of daily living such as feeding and dressing. Her parents are keen to gain insight into her abilities and potential for improvements in all areas of development.

During her first visit, she presented with low muscle tone and decreased muscle strength in her trunk, shoulder and pelvis. She was able to maintain floor sitting positions independently, however she had not yet developed her balance reactions to move in and out those positions. She also presented with low arousal level, and was observed to show less interest and attention for exploratory play. She was under-responsive to proprioceptive input, and had developed complete body awareness. It was identified during her initial assessment that, all these sensory problems were contributing to her delay in achieving her developmental milestones of crawling, standing and transfers between functional positions. On the other hand, her motor delay lead to less sensory experience, which was making her less confident to attempt anti-gravity positions such as standing. A variety of weight bearing activities and brushing technique was included on Cadence’s Programme to provide her with proprioceptive feedback to improve her arousal level and body awareness.

After 4 months, Cadence visited Brainwave for the second time for her reassessment, with good improvements in her functional abilities. She started sitting without support and has had developed the ability to transfer between a variety of sitting positions. She was yet to develop her strength and skills to transfer independently from floor into standing; however, she initiated to come up against gravity into standing using minimal support from an adult. Cadence had progressed and was independently mobile through reciprocal crawling, which enabled her to explore her environment. Her ability to crawl independently also impacted on Cadence’s alertness and attention span and she was observed to show interest for exploratory play. Her hand function ability had improved and was able to reach and grasp objects actively, which also promoted her interest for toys. In regards of self-help skills Cadence was age appropriate with her dressing abilities and was able to finger feeding without assistance.

During that assessment, Cadence was awarded with certificates from Brainwave South East Centre, as an appreciation for achieving and progressing with her physical ability to perform independent crawling and independent floor transitions.  Cadence’s parents were given a home programme to practise with her, which included a variety of exercises to improve strength and graded control in her upper and lower limbs and activities to improve her balance reactions in various transitional positions.

Cadence had her recent assessment at Brainwave South East Centre in January 2015 at the age of 2 years and 8 months. She continues to retain her ability to perform independent transfers across various sitting positions and access environment through crawling. Her visual attention span, ability to follow simple instructions and participation in meaningful interactive play has improved. She exhibits improved proprioceptive awareness around her oral area, which positively reflects on her ability to chew and swallow. She is still learning to use a spoon for self-feeding but has mastered and is completely independent in finger feeding. Cadence has also improved in her ability to expresses her emotions like happiness and frustration. During this visit, the programme was focussed on improving her ability to stand, cruise and walk with furniture or an adult support. Cadence is a highly motivated and hard-working child, who has continuously shown progress from one assessment to another. During recent assessment, she was awarded with Brainwave certificates for tolerating side sitting whilst playing and for being able to walk using a push along walker with supervision from therapists.

Brainwave therapists and team are very pleased to see the ‘Youtube’ video clip sent by her parents after their recent visit, where Cadence was performing independent pull to stand transfer. The positive feedback from Cadence’s parents have this to say about their experience at Brainwave:

After Cady’s reassessment she has made some great progress and is now pulling to stand by herself! I’m sure the tips we got from the therapists were key to helping her figure it out.


You can watch Cadence’s journey on Youtube now by clicking here.

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