Alexandra has autism and has been attending Brainwave since 2009.

Written by Susan, Alexandra's mum

"It was almost 10 years ago that I cried when my daughter called me “mummy” for the very first time at her very first Brainwave session in 2009. We have never looked back since then.

"Brainwave has managed, through a variety of tailor-made therapies, to calm Alexandra’s body and mind enough for her to see me and for me to see my daughter. With every visit to Brainwave, the tailored therapy, and the wonderful staff who are always ready to help with advice we see more and more of our Alexandra. Alexandra will always be autistic, but thanks to Brainwave’s support of her our future is brighter than we ever dreamed of; her potential is still growing as she is now able to sit, with her TA, in mainstream school lessons, learn and do well in exams. Mainstream school teachers have nominated her for awards because of the wonderful progress she has made in the first year of her GCSE’s.

"Alexandra continues to amaze us with her positive determination and kind nature. Despite rejection by her peers, she still tries to make friends. She is learning to play the violin and was also awarded the SEND Music Award for Excellence by the Oxfordshire County Music Service.

"This is what Alexandra has to say: 'Brainwave has helped me say my first word and make feel more relaxed physically and mentally, so I fear the outside world less. I have so many appreciations, I don’t know which one to start with! Brainwave may not cure Autism, but it helps me feel and be part of this world. My dream is to be a music editor. Brainwave allowed me to relax and sit still so I can study and do well in exams/tests. They taught me exercises to help calm parts of my body to help cope with the busy outside world. Then I started to learn. The staff appreciate me and understand my autism/problems'.

"Brainwave is an amazing charity which from day one, saw Alexandra’s potential. Family is important to them, so they support the parents so they, in turn, can support their child every day."