During your visit, we will film the exercises during the teaching sessions and provide you with a DVD to take home. We will also give you a laminated copy of the Brainwave Programme with exercise details. These are useful tools not only for yourself but for any other friends or family who are happy to be involved with delivering the Programme. Remember to demonstrate the techniques and show them the DVD beforehand so they know what to do.

We recommend using a quiet room in your house for the Brainwave Programme, away from any distractions. We suggest having a separate box of toys to use specifically with the Programme.

A stopwatch is useful to help keep track of the timings on the Programme.

We will lend you most of the equipment you may require (physio balls, wedges etc) and can send these to you if transporting them back after an assessment is an issue. When returning for your reassessment, we ask that you bring back the equipment so we can swap it for different items as required.

The equipment we loan out is expensive, so if you decide not to continue with the Brainwave Programme, you will need to arrange to return the equipment to one of our Centres.