At Brainwave, we design individual Therapy Programmes to be carried out at home. Your child's Programme could contain a mixture of educational, physical, sensory or speech exercises depending on what we find during our initial assessment. Sometimes the Programmes are designed to be followed in a specific order which will be explained to you by the therapists.

The first day consists of a general assessment by therapists from different backgrounds to ascertain the needs of your child. The therapists include Physiotherapists, Speech and Language Therapists and Learning Development Specialists. They will then devise a Programme specifically tailored to the needs and personality of your child. The second day is spent explaining and demonstrating the Programme and you will have plenty of time to try it out yourself before you leave so that you are able to carry out the Programme properly at home. The techniques we use are all mainstream and based on the principles of neuroplasticity. It is Brainwave’s holistic approach and the time that we can spend with you, that differentiates us from most of the services families can usually access. 

The initial assessment can be quite tiring on both child and family, but we are flexible with our timings over the two days, so if a break is needed or a longer lunch, we can amend our sessions accordingly.

The therapists will design the Programme to fit in with your lifestyle to make it as easy as possible for you to carry it out.  We also appreciate that lives are not static, so at any time in the future, please let us know if there are lifestyle changes that impact on you doing the Programme and we will do our best to change the Programme to suit your new needs.  When you leave after the initial assessment, you will be given a DVD of the exercises that make up your individual Programme. If you need help regarding the Programme, please contact the Centre.