After our Family Facilitators have contacted you following your initial assessment, you will be invited to join their private Facebook group. This is only accessible to the families who are on Programme with us at Brainwave, which means that it can be safely accessed by families to discuss issues, ask questions, share information etc. without it being seen publically. 

The group is moderated and administered by the Family Facilitators as well as another member of Brainwave staff who deals with all our social media. The idea is that if, for example, you wish to ask if anyone has thoughts about sleep issues, feeding, or if you would like to make contact with another Brainwave family in your area, you can do so easily and securely. Also, requests can be made for a Family Facilitator to contact you privately in whichever way is most convenient by email, phone, text or private messaging. 

If you do not use Facebook, a Family Facilitator will telephone or email you from time to time or you can contact them at any time with any queries.  If you do not wish the Family Facilitator to contact you after the initial assessment follow-up, simply let them know, they will not be offended.