The Colourthon 2020

Organised by: Moonlight Colourthon Charitable Trust, on behalf of Southend Round Table 106

When: Saturday 4 July 2020 

£22.50 registration per person

With over £1.6 million pledged to date benefitting over 700 different charities, it’s easy to understand why the Colourthon is one of the top fundraising events in Essex! This is the event's 13th year, with participants able to take part to raise money for any registered charity - including Brainwave!

The Colourthon is two events in one, the Moonlight walk being a half marathon and the Twilight a 10k challenge.

Both events are walks around Southend by night with the emphasis being on FUN and FUNDRAISING! They both kick off at 6pm (just ahead of the sun setting) on Saturday 4 July 2020, and everyone is encouraged to dress as brightly as their imaginations will allow! Remember, there will be spot prizes for those who impress with their costumes!

Besides the obvious fun of dressing up, the walks serve to highlight the many worthy causes represented by the walkers in full and spectacular colour! So why not get involved and experience the great atmosphere together with all the sights, sounds and smells of the seaside by night.

To find out more, visit their website (, then register today and walk for Brainwave!

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Entrants must be aged 13 or over to enter the Moonlight and Twilight Colourthon (Entrants under 16 must be accompanied by a Parent/Guardian who should sign the Registration Form on their behalf). Please see the organiser's Terms and Conditions for full information.

Brainwave's Terms and Conditions apply