Milestones – December 2014

In December 2014 the therapy staff at Brainwave’s three centres were pleased to award a total of 36 Certificates of Achievement. These were awarded to children who had made significant improvements or had achieved tasks they had been working towards over a period of time.  At Brainwave we do not have set milestones or targets as such.  They vary greatly according to every child we see.

Some of the certificates awarded this month included:

  • Achieving first full roll at Brainwave.
  • Holding onto a cup with two hands.
  • Visually tracking black and white pictures.
  • Increasing range of movement in right ankle
  • Crawling independently.
  • Walking 4 metres independently.

Although this is only a sample of the certificates awarded we hope this gives you an insight into what the children that we see are achieving.  Many more children attended Brainwave throughout December and although they did not receive a certificate they and their families are still working hard towards reaching their goals so we are expecting to award more certificates over the coming months.