At Brainwave we are very proud of all our children on programme and we are always grateful to our families for their feedback. 

Here are a few quotes from our families:

We had such an amazing time at Brainwave and for us it has been life changing. We look at Daisy in such a different way – you confirmed what we knew, and understood her from the word go.  Most importantly Denise and Mervin saw her as a person with possibilities not a condition with restrictions.  We can’t thank you enough.

All the staff are always so friendly and positive about any progress made, however small, which is a positive reinforcement for all!  We are so grateful to all the staff for all the support and encouragement they have given to all the family over the years.
After being very disillusioned and frustrated with the help available and the feeling that with a complex kid how can anyone begin to understand the story behind her in a half an hour appointment, we were really pleased to go somewhere where we would spend 2 days and perhaps finally meet people who would have the time to hear our daughters story and get to know her and we felt the 2 days allowed this.  It allowed time for her to settle into it and get to know you and get over her nerves, so you could get a clearer picture of what she was capable of and an insight into what was going on in an environment she wasn’t rushed or pressured in.  There is nothing worse than coming out of a rushed appointment and feeling that they have no idea about your child, so this was a big plus for us and also it gave us a chance to talk it over the night of the first day’s assessment and come up with millions of questions to ask on the second!!!  Also as parents it gave us a chance to get to know you both a little and form a relationship in which we felt we could trust what these 2 people are saying. For us this was important as I think parent/therapist trust is also very important if it’s going to work and we felt this was formed over the 2 days on our part.

Since visiting Brainwave for the first time over two years ago, Holly has made enormous progress.  The therapists are amazing, not only with their abilities to make a fun programme of activities which target Holly’s exact needs, but also in the way they listen and encourage us as parents in our ongoing work to help Holly develop.  We look forward to every visit, as we are thankful to have the opportunity to talk with experts about Holly’s particular needs.  It is also great to regularly gauge her progress holistically in everything including social development and self-help: areas doctors and clinics do not often provide support with.  Without our Brainwave visits, we would be much more ‘lost’ and without focus in knowing what and how to move Holly on, and she definitely would not have progressed as well as she has.  We are enormously proud of her, and so grateful to everyone at Brainwave.

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