All funds raised in the Milestone Appeal will underpin the essential support services delivered by the therapy teams at our UK regional centres.

How Brainwave Measure Milestones

At Brainwave, when a child reaches a milestone we award them with a certificate of achievement which the family take home and display.  This encourages them to keep working hard towards further milestones, with Brainwave's help.

Our Therapists

“Everyday activities, like brushing your teeth and combing your hair, are milestone achievements for some of our children, and make a difference to a young life.

Tracey, Occupational Therapist

“Helping a young child take their first steps independently is a milestone achievement we help children reach.

Mike, Physiotherapist

“Helping children to focus in order to broaden their knowledge, understanding and enhance play skills.  These are the gateway to learning.

Becky, Educational Therapist

Milestone Appeal Leaflet