Appeal for Equipment

Families have varying needs, both personal and financial, and the Charity is committed to helping every child reach their potential.

The equipment library enables Brainwave to provide appropriate “tools” to ensure that parents start the Brainwave Programme of therapy exercises immediately on returning home.           

We equip this library and provide ready for families to take home. 

The cost of this is £150 per child and can be made up of a selection of the equipment below.

The main equipment used are rolls, wedges and physio balls.

Roll                    (6" - 12") £18.45 - £40.00
Wedge            (6" - 12") £16.00 - £39.30
Physio Balls (45cm - 70cm) £12.00 - £42.00


Chewy Tube £9.00 A chewy tube is an innovative oral motor tool that is designed to provide a resilient, non-food, chewable surface for children and adults to practice their biting and chewing skills.
Movin'sit Cushion (small/large)                 £16.20                   £34.80 This inflatable wedge seat encourages static anatomical seating while mimicking the dynamic seating motion of a therapy ball. It is great for kids with poor posture and those who have trouble sitting still.
Therapressure Brush £7.50 A brush used to improve children’s body awareness and provide proprioceptive input.
Starfish Ring £3.99 These swim rings are used in our Hydrotherapy pool at the South West Centre and provided to the families as part of their therapy programmes.
Numicon Sets £42.70 1st Steps with Numicon - at home kit, is designed for parents to help children's maths during the Foundation Stage and early Key Stage 1, and offers parents a series of fun and easy to play activities to encourage understanding about early number and arithmetic.
Theraband  46m £54.20 Theraband is used within the Brainwave programme for stretching and strengthening exercises.  This banding is cut to size.