Child Sponsorship

It can cost up to three times as much to raise a child with disabilities as it does to raise a child without disabilities.  Research suggests that more than a quarter of families caring for a disabled child have over £300 additional costs every month relating to the child's health condition, such as higher heating and utility bills, additional transport costs, more frequent washing and replacing of household goods, clothing and toys.  

We remain committed to supporting these families, irrespective of their ability to substantially contribute to their child's therapy provision.  For this reason, every child is subsidised by a minimum of 80% (£2,800) of the annual cost of Brainwave's provision which is £3,500.  In recent years, there has been an increase in cases where Brainwave is asked to fundraise for the outstanding 20% (£700) for families who are experiencing extreme financial hardship. 

With the family’s permission, Brainwave approaches local groups, companies and charitable trusts to seek funding for individual children in their local area.  We create a Child Sponsorship fund for each child and endeavour to raise sufficient funds to cover the parental contribution before the next reassessment.  A child could therefore be sponsored by several local organisations whose small contributions, when combined, provide sufficient funds for the children to attend for free, or at a considerably reduced rate.  Child sponsorship is not means tested but it does require families to contribute the deposit fee which is currently £50 for reassessments.