You could make a real difference to a young person and their family this Christmas.

When you sit down in front of the telly with your family to watch the latest superhero blockbuster this Christmas, you could watch it safe in the knowledge that you’ve been a superhero in a child’s story.

Here at Brainwave, we believe every child with disabilities should be given the opportunity to achieve their full potential and you could help us reach more children and their families.

Clark is three and from Sampford Peverell in Mid-Devon. He has chromosome abnormality and has been visiting Brainwave since 2016.

Brainwave is tricky to describe to family and friends who ask what we do there – it’s so much more than a children’s therapy centre: it’s a place of understanding, relief and endless patience. The incredible therapists lead the sessions in the most empathetic way and create really thoughtful and fun Therapy Programmes to follow at home.

Clark has been attending Brainwave since he was six-months-old: we were given his diagnosis on a Monday, called Brainwave on the Wednesday and thankfully we had our first initial assessment day just two weeks later! To be able to take such proactive steps as a bewildered parent was invaluable – and still is.

We were given a brilliant Therapy Programme for Clark to do at home, and we have followed these daily as a family ever since. We absolutely know that attending Brainwave has made such a difference to Clark and his development.

He has taken huge steps in sensory tolerance of textures and being able to touch new things; today he is feeding himself finger foods and making a wonderful mess with chocolate cake, we never thought we’d see the day. Physically, Clark is now sitting unaided, he is pulling to stand with support and can stand for a whole episode of Peppa Pig.

The strength in his legs thanks to his daily Therapy Programme is noticeable and we couldn’t be prouder of the hard work he puts in.

He’s our little superhero.

Thank you, Brainwave, for being such an amazing resource for desperate families, you change lives and Clark’s is improving every day.  

– Laura (Clark’s mum)

Our multidisciplinary team of qualified paediatric therapists spend full days with children and their families to create a Therapy Programme of exercises and activities that can be continued at home.

We are an independent charity that complements the NHS. We do not receive any government funding so our income is reliant on charitable donations. We do charge families a nominal fee for the cost of assessments, but we provide additional financial support to those families that cannot afford to do so.

We want to ensure our charity is sustainable for the future so we can continue to help and support families that need access to our specialised therapies.

Can you help?

Children on a Brainwave Therapy Programme, like Clark, are superheroes.

They work incredibly hard, push the boundaries and achieve amazing milestones.

Our Brainwave therapists are superheroes.

They change the lives of children and their families every single day.

You can be a superhero too!

By supporting Brainwave this Christmas, you are helping to ensure children, like Clark, can continue to develop, progress and reach their potential.

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