A Christmas story of hope and wishes

from our family to you.


Meet Theo...

Our smiling and happy son, Theo, was born on a sunny day in June and as first-time parents, we were looking forward to our new lives with our long awaited son. We had no idea of what lay ahead and the Christmas that we would face. He was a very happy baby and meeting all of his milestones up until 12 weeks old when we sensed something was wrong. He suddenly developed violent seizures and that day everything changed.


Theo’s first Christmas

A visit to the doctor propelled us straight to hospital. After a surreal, snowy journey to the Children’s Ward, Theo was diagnosed with infantile spasms. The specialist Consultant arranged for a number of tests under general anaesthetic. Theo spent his first Christmas bravely battling through his treatment.

Theo’s second Christmas

By now we were aware that Theo’s cognitive, verbal and physical abilities would be greatly affected by his rare condition. He would be unlikely to ever live independently, but therapies could help him make progress. We began our search to find the best therapy available and over the next few years, we saw many different specialists.  Theo made slow progress, moving by crawling and surfing around the furniture. He was unable to stand independently and still travelled in a wheelchair. We tried to keep positive, but it was so hard for us to see him struggle.

The Christmas that changed everything

Just before Christmas 2015, we found Brainwave and for the first time we had hope that we could, with hard work, help Theo to achieve so much more.

At Brainwave we spent two days at their wonderful centre in Somerset. Theo was assessed by their expert team of therapists, who took so much time to understand Theo and then created a totally bespoke programme of exercises. The therapists explained how it could be possible for Theo to take independent steps and stand unaided if we delivered the exercise programme every day at home. This gave us so much hope and confidence for his future.

Six months later, and a week after his 6th birthday, Theo actually walked into the Brainwave Centre for his reassessment, albeit holding our hands. This was more than we could have hoped for in such a short time on the Brainwave Programme.

Last Christmas

Last Christmas was very special for the whole family. Having continued to follow the Brainwave Programme, Theo had improved his core strength so much he was able to stand unaided and he joined his younger brother in Father Christmas’s grotto.

There were many happy tears in the family that year.

This Christmas

After another year of dedicated support from the amazing Brainwave therapists, we are looking forward to a Christmas celebrating Theo’s achievements, which include starting to use cards to communicate simply with us and his teachers. This makes such a difference as Theo is still non-verbal and has a long way to go with so many of his milestones, but we know that with Brainwave’s help we are doing everything we can to meet his complex needs.


Brainwave provides cutting edge therapy that we couldn’t find anywhere else. The staff understand that children like Theo require bespoke therapy programmes. Brainwave gives hope to families who have children with profound and serious disabilities.

Please, will you consider giving a gift to Brainwave this Christmas so that many other children can benefit as Theo has?

Yours sincerely


Theo's Mum