By Becky Crump

My name is Joe. My friend’s name is Ben. We are in the same class at school. Our class is 3B and Mrs Burton is our teacher.

On Monday, something good happened. A new girl joined our class. She is called Milly. I like Milly because she smiles a lot.

Milly came into our classroom in a special chair with wheels on. Mrs Burton says it is called a wheelchair. Milly needs a wheelchair because her legs don’t work as well as mine and Ben’s and all the other children in the class.

Mrs Jones is Milly’s helper. She pushes Milly’s wheelchair and helps her to do some exercises. On Tuesday, Milly did her exercises with Mrs Jones. They did them while we did PE. Mrs Jones helped Milly to stretch her arms. Then she helped Milly to stretch her legs. It looked fun. Milly was laughing; Mrs Burton said that they were to make Milly’s body stronger.

On Wednesday, Milly wasn’t at school. She went to a special place called Brainwave. The people at Brainwave looked at Milly’s exercises and gave her some new ones to help her to get even stronger. Brainwave helps children like Milly to learn to do things better. I hope they can help Milly.

On Thursday, Mrs Jones helped Milly out of her wheelchair so that she could stand up. Mrs Jones held her tightly so that she did not fall. Next, Mrs Jones and Mrs Burton held Milly extra tightly and helped her to walk across the classroom. Milly loved it but had to go back into her wheelchair for a rest.

Friday was the best day of the week. Me and Ben played running races at playtime. Milly was watching us and asked Mrs Jones if she could play, too. Mrs Jones laughed, strapped Milly in tightly and then pushed Milly’s wheelchair as fast as she could. Me and Ben ran fast, too. Milly kept winning but me and Ben didn’t mind. We like Milly and we are glad she is in our class.



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