What we do

Brainwave is a charity that exists to help children with disabilities and additional needs to achieve greater independence. Aiming to improve mobility, communication skills and learning potential, through a range of educational and physical therapies. Our therapists work with the family to devise a unique programme, specifically designed to suit that child’s needs, which will help and encourage them to unlock their own child’s potential.  This might be anything from helping a child walk or ride a bike to recognising colours or writing their name.  The children we work with have a range of conditions including autism, brain injuries such as cerebral palsy and genetic conditions such as Down’s Syndrome.

  • The Family section of our website details how we help families, what they can expect from us and what a visit to Brainwave entails for them.
  • The School section allows children to play games and informs schools what they can expect from a visit from one of our therapists or fundraisers.
  • The Medical section details the medical advantages of our work and gives a detailed account of what we do.
  • We also have a page for our frequently asked questions.


Alex’s Mum, Susan has said the following about Brainwave: 

“Brainwave has such a positive influence on not only Alex but also the family and her school life. Brainwave has become part of our extended family and Alex always looks forward to her assessments with Becky.”

“I was showing a mum the first video of Alex at her Brainwave assessment. She is so very different (calmer, happier, more focused AND winning awards in mainstream school) – it was really very emotional and we sat and cried!”