Sponsor a Child

Sponsor a Child with our Guardian Scheme

The Need

Around 27,000 children are born with or will develop some level of disability each year. Brainwave currently has 600+ children on programme with a range of disabilities including cerebral palsy, autism and Down’s syndrome.

Established in 1982 we provide disabled children with individual physical and educational therapy programmes. The programme is based on the theory of Neuroplasticity, which helps the brain find new pathways in the ‘neural network’.

This is achieved by providing a very comprehensive, initial two day assessment at one of our three permanent centres in Somerset, Essex or Cheshire where our qualified therapists and teachers work alongside each family to assess their child’s special needs and prescribe an appropriate programme of exercises.

These exercises are then taught to the parents / carers so they can be delivered and practised on a daily basis in their home. Families are invited to return to the most appropriate centre thereafter at intervals of four to six months, when their child is re-assessed and the programme modified appropriately to encourage further developmental milestones and the child’s greater independence.

How you can help

It costs £3,500 to provide one year’s support and equipment and you can help by sponsoring an individual child and become their Guardian.

Becoming a Guardian you can provide ring-fenced funding for an individual child and follow their development throughout the programme.

You will be given the first name of your ‘allocated’ child, along with their age, diagnosis and the county in which they live (you can choose a child close to your own location if you wish). You will understand that it’s not possible to meet the family, but after every assessment you’ll be sent an update by us on the child’s progress and a newsletter which can be shared with your colleagues at work or other family members.

As a Brainwave Guardian you will also receive exclusive invitations to special events. It’s our way of keeping you involved in what we do, and of saying thank you for being there for us – and for the families and children who rely on us.

If you would like to see our facilities first hand, we would be delighted to welcome you at one of our centres.

Jamie Matheson, Executive Chairman of Brewin Dolphin, who has been a Guardian for 3 years, said: ‘Being a Guardian has allowed me not only to make a difference to a little one’s life but to their parents too, in a way I did not think was possible’.


If you are interested in becoming a Guardian, or would like to get involved in any other way, please contact:

London and the South East: Karen Betancourt-Jess on 07872 411581 or e-mail: karenbetancourt-jess@brainwave.org.uk
South West: Paula Sudbury on 07725 956015 or e-mail: paulasudbury@brainwave.org.uk
North West: Richard Clarke on 07889 408141 or e-mail: richardclarke@brainwave.org.uk