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Paul’s Blog – 11th February 2013

You will have to forgive me if I repeat myself on this Blog – it’s not meant to be delibrate, but I am not checking what I have written before, it is all spontaneous.

It’s been a curate’s egg of a week on the training front – good in parts – weather and work commitments in the week did hit the weekday training schedule, but I was determined to make the most of the weekend. As I have mentioned before, I live at one end of the Grand Western Canal – just over 11miles of it from my house will reach the canal basin at Tiverton; although my schedule sas 2.5 hours of walking, I know this will take longer and I have time to make up, so lets go for it. It’s a drizzly day – dull with a slightly chilly feel; ideal in my book. The journey is full of wildlife, a few cyclists, walkers and dog walkers – flat, of course, with a slight variation to the gradient around the diversion which avoids the section which split open last year. Just over 3 hours later I am back home in time to watch some rugby!

Sunday sees a circular walk from home around the local quarry with the dogs – rain, and chill, but quiet and satisfying.

I had an email from the London 2 Brighton organisers saying that it was time to start serious training, but if you had started already, you were well ahead – a smug smile passes my face – but there is still a long way to go.

A few more donations have come in; but still woefully short of where I would like to be!

Pleased with this weeks pic of sheep sheltering from the weather against an old chapel wall (Ayshford Chapel) which sits on the bank of the aforesaid canal – they looked like statues.

After a week of inspiring people about Brainwave, I continue to do so to myself – it helps enormously!

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