PAYROLL GIVING (Give as you earn)

Payroll Giving is so valuable to us, because it provides long term support – regular income to help us budget and plan ahead more effectively.

It’s simple to set up – just decide how much you want to give and fill in the form. We do the rest. Your donation is taken straight from your salary every month before your tax is deducted, so it’s a tax-efficient way to give.  Some employers also match donations, check if yours does! You can stop or vary your gift any time you want.

You’ll see your donation on your payslip.  We’ll communicate with you to keep you up to date on our work.  It’s a very flexible system. People can donate to Brainwave, and can give as much or as little as you wish. You can also make a one off donation at Christmas or other special occasions throughout the year.

Payroll giving has been running since 1987. Thousands of companies large and small offer it to their staff as part of their workplace giving strategy and as part of their CSR Policy.


Over 9,000 businesses already offer the benefits of Payroll Giving to around 5 million employees. And the numbers are growing all the time because it’s cheaper to employees being tax free.


To sign up now please use the following link, its quick, easy, and will take no more than a few minutes:


We often get asked these questions:

Q: How can I arrange for my employer to give a regular donation to Brainwave from my salary?
A. Ask your employer if the organisation runs a Payroll Scheme. If they do, complete our payroll giving form (Click here) and hand it to your payroll department. If not, suggest to your senior management team, that the organisation registers with a Payroll Giving Agency – see below for details.

Q: Why should I offer Payroll Giving to my employees?
A. Running a Payroll Giving scheme can be good for your business. It shows that you are committed to working in partnership with the community, something that is increasingly important to customers and staff. It shows that you care about your staff – offering them the benefits of Payroll Giving can help to build better employee relations and attract the right people to come and work for you. It is easy and inexpensive to run, and you get a deduction against your profits for your costs.

Q: How does Payroll Giving work?
A. Your employee asks you to deduct regular charitable donations from their pay. You make the deduction from before-tax pay – in other words, after calculation of National Insurance Contributions but before deduction of ‘Pay As You Earn’ tax. This way your employee gets tax relief straight away at their top rate of tax. You as an employer pay over all the money you deduct to an Inland Revenue-approved Payroll Giving agency, and they do the rest – distributing the money to Brainwave or other charities of their choice.

Please contact : or phone her on: 07738 252191 for more information.

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