Cause Related Marketing

Cause Related Marketing (CRM) is a way to boost the sales of a given item while providing pence per transaction to the Charity. When customers have a choice of two like products, one of which supports a Charity, they preferentially select the charitable option. It is often the case that the overall income to the company is increased despite the revenue provided to the Charity. Some examples of CRM include:

  • On-pack product promotions
  • On-line product promotions
  • Donated customer affinity points
  • New customer promotions
  • Renewing customer promotions


A charity survey showed that three of the four issues that matter the most to the public include: children’s needs, disability and chronic illness. A partnership with Brainwave achieves all three and thus will resonate with your customers and employees.

Sales preference can be further enhanced through a communications and public relations partnership with the Charity. Brainwave can promote the partnership in a variety of ways including:

  • Brainwave’s own Charity communications
  • Press campaign
  • Social Media campaign
  • Content for your own customer facing communications (on-shelf, on-pack, in store, etc)


Cause Related Marketing activities of a company are sometimes aligned with their Charity of the Year partnership and/or as part of a wider Social Responsibility strategy which may involve:

  • Employee sponsored fundraising initiatives
  • Customer sponsored fundraising initiatives
  • Employee volunteering initiatives


Examples of Excellence in Cause Related Marketing are celebrated through the annual Business in the Community Awards. The Award recognises companies using the power of their brands in partnerships with charities to address key social issues. Please see:

Why not consider a partnership with Brainwave to market your product? In London and the South, please contact Richard Clarke on or by calling 07889 408 141.  In the North, please contact Carole Headley on or by calling 07738 252191.

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