Q. Are there any conditions that you don’t cover?

A. Not specifically. We look at each individual child and their issues rather than the child’s diagnosis or condition. Many of the children on Programme have a range of conditions.

Q. What qualifications do the therapists have?

A. All our physiotherapists and occupational therapists and Speech and Language therapist have the necessary qualifications to be members of their professional body. We also have trained teachers.

Q. How often will I need to come back?

A. Every four to six months depending of the needs and development of the child.

Q. How long will it take me to do the programme at home?

A. Approximately 30 minutes per day but we can break this down further so that the Programme can be done in blocks rather than in one go.

Q. Do you have medical equipment at the centre e.g. will you give my child a brain scan?

A. No, we do not have such equipment nor is it necessary to undertake the Programme. None of our techniques are invasive.

Q. What is the child: therapist ratio? How many children does each therapist have?

A. Each family is allocated a named therapist and two therapists normally work with each family during Assessments. Each therapist normally has an assigned list of 40+ families at any one time

Q. Can I attend any Centre?

A. Yes you can attend any of the three Centres. After the Initial Assessment, which must take place at a Centre, you can then opt to attend one of the satellite clinics in Scotland, if that is more convenient.

Q. How do I get an appointment?

A. Either email or phone any of the three Centres. You will find the details under the contact us menu at the top of each page.

Q. What is the waiting list?

A. It varies by Centre but is usually 3-5 months although, if you can be flexible, it is sometimes possible to get a cancellation.

Q. What is the process once I make an enquiry?

A. We will send you an information pack. If you wish to proceed, then we ask you to return a reply slip and then we will contact you to discuss what is entailed when a family comes on Programme.

Q. If I have spoken to someone from Brainwave do I have to send in the permission slip for a call?

A. Yes

Q. Can my child attend the Centre for more intensive therapy?

A. Yes, we also offer Therapy Weeks once a child has attended an Initial Assessment, your child will follow a timetable of therapy sessions delivered by specifically allocated therapists for 5 days. If you feel your child would benefit from this, please ask your therapist.

Q. My child has cerebral palsy and has recently undergone selective dorsal rhizotomy (SDR) surgery. Do you offer post-surgery rehabilitation?

A. Yes, we are now offering post SDR rehabilitation sessions at our South West Centre. These are carried out over 3 days with our physiotherapists. Please ring the SW Centre to enquire further.


Q. My child is a pre-schooler and needs a sleep at some point during the day, is this OK?

A. Yes, we will structure the Assessments around the needs of the child.

Q. Is there disabled parking at the Centre? Will I have to pay to park?

A. Yes, all three Centres have car parking facilities and there is no charge.

Q. Is it ok to bring siblings?

A. Yes but you need to take responsibility for them during the day. If possible, we will try and get the siblings involved with delivering the Programme as well.

Q. What time will the day finish?

A. The day normally finishes between 4pm and 5pm but it depends on the Centre and what facilities are being used.

Q. My Partner can’t get the day off work so can I bring another family member or a friend?

A. Yes, that is fine

Q. What should my child wear when they come?

A. Your child should be dressed in something comfortable so that they can move freely. Shorts and T shirt are ideal or babygrow.

Q. Should I bring his/her splints, walker or other equipment with me?

A. It would be useful if you bring any equipment that they use on a regular basis so that we can get a good idea of the capabilities of your child.

Q. Will my child see a speech therapist?

A. We employ a part time speech and language therapist at our North West Centre.


Q. My child is too ill to travel. Do you ever make home visits?

A. Yes, in special cases we may be able to carry out Reassessments at home but this depends on where you live. Usually, Initial Assessments will always be carried out at a Centre.

Q. If my child is ill on the day of the Initial Assessment, what happens? Will you re-schedule and will I still have to pay even though we weren’t able to attend?

A. We appreciate that this happens from time to time. Provided that you notify us, and the reason for the non-attendance is genuine, then we will reschedule and no there would be no charge.

Afterwards/At home

Q. What happens if I can’t find the time to continue with the Programme?

A. Talk to us and we may be able to shorten the Programme so that you can continue at a lower level until you have more time to undertake the Programme in full. Alternatively, if circumstances mean that this is a short term issue, such as the birth of a new baby, you can come off Programme and come back on again when you have more time.

Q. Does the programme have to be done at the same time of day?

A. No, you can fit it in whenever it suits you.

Q. Do we have to leave Brainwave when our child turns 12 years old?

A. No, this is our upper age limit because the younger the child, the more impact we have. If we feel that we can continue to make a difference to a child, we will continue to see your child. We have a number of families still on Programme who have a child in their late teens.

Q. What happens if my child stops making progress?

A. We will discuss this with you and if we feel that we can no longer help, we would recommend that you come off Programme.

Q. Do children with Global Developmental Delay ever catch up with their peers?

A. Sometimes, it depends on the child.