Sensory Room

Our South West Sensory Room has been recently refurbished taking into account different ages, diagnosis and interests. Pictures can be seen below. Each aspect of the Sensory Room is important to the child and can help in many ways as detailed below.

The fibre optics, galaxy lights and bubble tube are very visually stimulating and the interactive bubble tube can help teach colour recognition and encourage choice making.

The soft play nursery corner allows active children to gain sensory input through movement activities.

The vibrating corner seat which works via the stereo is very relaxing and calming for children who may feel unregulated.

The nursery rhyme board enables choice making, promotes hand function and hand strength and provides excellent auditory stimulation.

Furthermore, it is fun! We also have a projector and mirror ball for added interest and visual effects. The tactile board helps to teach tactile discrimination and is there for children to explore. The floors and walls are padded for a completely safe and cosy environment.

Each of our Centres has a Sensory Room but the equipment varies slightly per Centre.

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