Developmental Delay

An increasing number of children are receiving the diagnosis of Developmental Delay, often in cases where there is no obvious cause for the child’s developmental difficulties as all clinical and medical investigations, such as brain scans and chromosome tests, have been unable to identify a known condition.

Children with this diagnosis are often behind their peer level in some or all areas of development and may also have difficulties with varying muscle tone and multi-sensory impairments.

The Brainwave Programme helps such children accelerate their development and achieve their potential. Our aim is for each child to play an active role in their own development so they can exercise choices over their lives and ultimately enter and enjoy school and extra curricular activities.

During an Initial Assessment, your child can be seen by a team of physiotherapists, developmental therapists and cognitive therapists who will assess your child’s specific needs and design an exercise programme which will embrace all relevant areas of developmental progress, whether visual cognition, hearing and comprehension, movement, speech, hand function, daily living activities and socialisation skills.

The therapy team will ensure parents fully understand how to carry out the manageable and structured programme at home for approximately 30 minutes each day.

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