Cerebral Palsy

Children with Cerebral Palsy have complex and varied needs and no two children present with the same issues.

The important benefit of the Brainwave Programme is that we spend a lot of time teaching parents how to help their child by addressing the results of high muscle tone and encouraging normal movement pattern on a daily basis. We find it helps parents hugely to understand the implications of their child’s issues and to appreciate how the exercise programme can have both immediate and far-reaching effects.

We could give a multitude of examples of the many different skills that a child needs to learn but in taking the simple example of head control, we explain how being on a child’s tummy is so important to achieve head control. Without head control, there is an increased risk of developing scoliosis (spinal curve). Scoliosis can affect functional abilities such as sitting independently, and if wheelchair bound, can create seating issues, possible decreased lung capacity and even potentially pressure sores.

Whilst there are many different levels of physical restriction with Cerebral Palsy, Brainwave’s aim is to help each child fulfil their maximum potential, whatever that may be.

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