The Brainwave Programme

The Brainwave Programme rests on the theory of neuroplasticity and our qualified and experienced staff are drawn from the mainstream fields of physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech and language therapy and education. All Brainwave therapists receive additional training in sensory, physiotherapy, cognitive and communication techniques.


Following a telephone dialogue with one of our therapists, and request for medical information about your child, families are invited to benefit from the Centre’s full facilities during the two-day Initial Assessment Visit.


During this visit, your child is assessed by a team of therapists, who design an Exercise Programme which is specifically suited to your child. This Programme is fully explained and demonstrated to parents and carers to ensure they learn how to carry out the exercises correctly, in what order and for how long to ensure they have full understanding of how to help the child develop.


The practicing of the exercises is recorded for your use at home, supported by a printed Exercise Sheet for reference and where possible equipment is provided. When needed, equipment can be dispatched to your family home immediately on departure from the Centre.


Reassessment visits take place every four-six months for new Programmes to be designed to allow for further progress.


Our Family Facilitators provide strong local support for as long as your family wishes and they offer wide-ranging help to allow you time and energy to focus on your child’s development.


Brainwave is now offering post – SDR Rehabilitation Sessions at our South West Centre.  We are now able to offer a 3 day assessment, treatment and teaching of a home therapy programme to children following SDR.  The 3 days will include one-to-one physiotherapy sessions, gait re-education, i-Joy experience and hydrotherapy.  The physiotherapist will teach the home programme to parents/carers and a DVD of each specific exercise will be made to enable the home programme to be carried out effectively.


To enquire about Brainwave’s provision and how we can help your child, please click here and fill out the online form.

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