As an Individual

Individual Giving

Individual support comes in many forms. The most obvious is a straightforward donation which will support the running costs of the Charity, always our priority. Just click here and follow the simple instructions.


Brainwave relies entirely on donations from people like you. It costs us £3,500 to look after each child and although a lot of families can afford to contribute a small amount to help us (we subsidise each child’s Programme by over 80%), some cannot and our bursary fund helps out; we never turn a family away if we think we can help them.

  • £25 will pay for an essential piece of equipment
  • £50 will help keep our therapy rooms warm, important with our little visitors
  • £100 towards our bursary funds to help those who need it

A regular donation of as little as £2.00, ie less than a pound a week would help us plan for the future of these children.

If you are able to help, please print out our standing order form to make your gift and if you are a UK tax payer, please complete the gift aid form, which means we can claim the tax back from the tax man and this increases your gift by 25%. You can use our freepost address – FREEPOST Brainwave to return the form to us.

On behalf of the hundreds of children we make a difference to each year, we are grateful for whatever help you can give us.

Thank you


You may prefer however, to ‘ring fence’ your donation for a specific project.

Sponsoring a child through their Programme can be particularly rewarding or you can choose from our project list.

Other pages on the site, which can be accessed via the navigation tool will provide many ideas.

Alternatively give Margaret Preece a ring on 01278 429089 or

Thank you.